Key Principles of Code of Practice (CoP) for GreenGrade Solutions client factories

The intent of the Code of Practice (CoP) for client factories is to provide a standard for factories that contract GreenGrade Solutions for compliance remediation projects. The expectation is that the following 13 Key Principles will be accepted and maintained by our client factories throughout our involvement and afterwards. It consists of the following Principles:

  • No child labour

Children below the legal minimum age in the country must not be employed. Policies and procedures shall conform to the ILO (International Labour Organisation) convention.

  • No forced labour

There must be no form of forced labour and employees should be free to leave employment.

  • Freedom of association

The right of the employee to join, take part in activities of, and organise associations for collective bargaining must be respected.

  • Healthy and safe working conditions

Employees must be provided with a healthy and safe working environment with an emphasis on preventing accidents and maintaining welfare of employees.

  • Reasonable wages and benefits

Wages and benefits must equal or exceed the minimum wage required by national law or industry standards and should be communicated clearly to employees.

  • Reasonable working hours

The normal working hours should not exceed 48 hours per week and must comply with national laws or industry standards. Overtime working shall be voluntary, paid at a premium and shall not be performed on a regular basis.

  • Equal opportunities

All employees shall be afforded equality of treatment and employment should be based on ability to do the job.

  • Employment security

Employment should be provided on the basis of a recognised agreement affording regular income.

  • Respectful treatment of employees

Employees must be treated with respect in a non-threatening workplace free of harassment, abuse, intimidation or degrading treatment.

  • Effective management systems for corrective action

An effective management system should be implemented with processes to monitor, maintain and implement corrective actions for ethical compliance to ensure risk mitigation and sustainability.

  • Effective environment protection management system

Environmental protection should be part of the management system, ensuring compliance to customer codes of practice, voluntary codes abided by and legislative requirements.

  • No unauthorised subcontracting

Accurate records of suppliers/ subcontractors and their commitment to ethical compliance needs to be documented, with no subcontracting without authorisation from the customer.

  • Honesty and commitment to sustainable improvement

Legitimate information should be provided to demonstrate conformance to all standards expected with appreciable senior management commitment towards sustainable improvements.


Critical CoP issues (No Business)

In circumstances other than where GreenGrade Solutions have been contracted specifically for remediation projects on solving the issue, the following critical CoP issues will result in the factory being immediately disengaged by the company:

  • Child Labour
  • Child labour with no commitment to remedy (existing suppliers)
  • Extreme hazardous working condition – lack of basic fire safety measures
  • Forced involuntary labour
  • Harsh treatment to workers
  • Unauthorised subcontracting – while working with Green Grade Solutions