UpSkill selected by top UK retailer for a pilot in India

Posted 2017-01-29 14:10:38 UTC by GreenGrade Staff Member

UpSkill reduces audit fatigue and provides verifiably increased ethical awareness, with no disruption to factories' production

The Learning platform UpSkill, designed to raise managers’ compliance awareness, has been selected by a leading UK retailer for a pilot to train its homeware factories in India. UpSkill reduces audit fatigue and provides verifiably increased awareness and understanding towards the Ethical Trading Initiative base code. What made UpSkill the retailer's solution of choice was its seamless integration and the fact that the analytics gathering across the factories would not disrupt production. 

The software has been developed by Green Grade Solutions Limited with financial help from the UK's Department for International Development through its 'Trade in Global Value Chain Initiative'.

UpSkill is available online and through android tablets.It includes topics such as workers' rights, hygiene, safe factory conditions, and effective management. The user-friendly learning platform does not require any prior knowledge of compliance. Users can access the course at their convenience, and a customer help centre is available for guidance. Participants who use the tablet version are entitled for a certificate upon a successful completion of the course.