Green Grade develops new immersive learning platforms

Posted 2015-12-03 09:22:16 UTC by GreenGrade Staff Member

Green Grade partners with US-based Turning Technologies to deliver a superior capacity building experience

Green Grade Solutions agreed to collaborate with US-based Turning Technologies LLC, as part of a new project that develops a learning platform based on Turning’s Audience Response Technology. TT is a global leader in interactive learning aides, with 65% share of the global market according to research by Futuresource, an IT consultancy. Green Grade's system will provide an immersive, dynamic learning experience to a large group of employees or students. Offering instant verification of participants’ knowledge and real time adaptation of content based on their responses, the new platform can train up to 1000 people at any given time.

The system is designed to increase understanding and make the learning process, as a peer group experience, more engaging and fun. It ensures that new material is effectively transferred and mastered in fairly short time.

According to scientific research, use of an audience response technology leads to a 40% increase in retention of material 30 days after the initial training session, compared with traditional methods. According to learners, response technology made material more engaging (87%), motivational (63%) and enhanced learning (73%). In another research, 91% of learners experienced a deeper learning as a consequence of the discussion that followed the response system questions while 70% of learners agreed that they were more likely to participate because of the anonymity of the response system. 74% of learners agreed that the use of response technology was preferable to just PowerPoint based lectures.



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Credit: Turning Technologies