"UpSkill increased awareness among 91% of participants"

Posted 2016-11-16 00:37:59 UTC by GreenGrade Staff Member

University of York's report on UpSkill, Green Grade's learning and testing app, highlights its proven effectiveness

GreenGrade's learning and testing app, UpSkill, which was launched in Bangladesh as part of the UK government's TGVCI programme, has increased the awareness of ethical compliance among 91% of the participants - according to an independent evaluation study by the University of York's Stockholm Environment Institute. 80% of the platform users stated that the UpSkill training benefited them personally. 

UpSkill aimed at increasing the awareness of ethical compliance in ready-made garment factories in Bangladesh through an online self-paced learning process. The new learning process was tailored towards ensuring worker welfare and safety through building ethical compliance capacity at the factory floor. The aim was to address the gap in health and safety knowledge experienced within most middle and newly promoted managers.

The executive summary of the study's main findings is available here