GreenGrade helps Chinese factory achieve supply approval from UK retailer.

Client Problem

Boutique M* is an Australian brand which sells sophisticated womenswear of high quality. It sources from a limited number of factories in China which are capable of producing the required clothes. In order to open the door to the UK market, it has to get the supply approval from X Partnership* which owns 40 shops across the UK. Unfortunately, two of appointed factories haven’t passed the third party audit nominated by X Partnership and are not given a second chance to supply to X Partnership for a certain critical, intolerable compliance issues. Because of the remaining numbered factories, Boutique M has to be very cautious on assigning the rest to be audited.


What We Did

A warm-up meeting was held between GreenGrade staff, the agent (Boutique M does not source from the factories directly, which adds difficulty in communication and cooperation) and the involved people of the factory. We built the direct link with the key contacts who would commit to the improvement actions and provided the involved people with a clear picture of the clients’ requirements and audit standards.


A thorough mock audit and factory tour was made wherby GreenGrade evaluated the factory's compliance. When questioned, factory management was trasparent and forthright which helped GreenGrade to create an accurate gap analysis. After that, a detailed corrective action plan was provided under the guide of GreenGrade staff on the ground. At the same time, the factory HR was trained by GreenGrade to update the knowledge of ethical compliance. Given the deadline, every effort was put together to the same goal.


What We Achieved

Before XX Partnership assigned the auditors to visit the factory, it was by coincidence audited by a third party organisation for another brand Prior to the completion of the corrective action plan, several non-critical noncompliance issues were identified. GreenGrade immediately assigned remediation follow-up actions and helped the factory to rectify these issues. GreenGrade actively contacted that third party auditing company to testify the factory was inspected under ETI code. Upon the documented evidence that the factory had corrected the violations, X Partnership was glad to grant the approval, which as a result has markedly shortened Boutique M’s expected waiting time.


*= name changed to protect their identity.