Six months of remote and on-site health and safety training for 5000 employees

Clients Challenge

Located in Phnom Penh, Fabric Star* enjoyed a rising volume of orders but also suffered from a high turnover of workers and supervisors. Many new recruits had no formal training or understanding of safety and ethical compliance. Worse, the factory adopted a lax and reactive approach towards ethical matters causing it to consistently fail audits.


What We Did

After a thorough initial assessment, GreenGrade applied a two phase approach, first establishing a compliance committee comprised of six factory supervisors on rotation. Secondly, GreenGrade delivered a structured health and safety course to supervisors which incorporated interactive online tutorials followed by practical coursework. When these phases were complete, GreenGrade initiated a photo-based system of reporting non-compliances at the factory’s weekly production meetings.


What Was Achieved

By empowering factory workers to take responsibility and engage positively with ethical matters 68% of the participants rated the GreenGrade training program as ‘good’ and ‘excellent’. Due to this integral approach, the factory achieved  passing grades by major UK and US buyers.

*= name changed to protect their identity.