Fainting prevention training for over 5,000 employees

Client Problem

Oriental Sun* is a Chinese-owned apparel factory in central Cambodia. In the previous year approximately 250 workers were known to have fainted with no clear cause identified by auditors. The limited communication between Chinese supervisors, Cambodian line leaders and workers compounded the situation. See the full report here.


What We Did

Carrying out thorough investigations and client interviews, GreenGrade established that the workers’ salty diet, contaminated water source in the factory, and layering of clothing were all contributing factors. It was also found that during harvest seasons, workers would arrive exhausted from working in the fields to help their families.

GreenGrade then implemented its Active Absorption approach to raise awareness of fainting prevention in addition to ethical compliance. The supervisors’ training (delivered in Chinese) was divided in several stages consisting of in-class lectures, written exams, and workshops. For special brainstorming modules and simulations, the supervisors were mixed with Cambodian line leaders.

Training of Cambodian personnel and factory workers (in Khmer) comprised in-class lectures and role play, oral exams, brainstorming and inter-group simulations. As the project progressed, additional contributing lifestyle factors - cultural, dietary and situational - were revealed as fainting catalysts.  These new revelations were integrated into the training and led to management-specific recommendations such as mandating uniform dress, offering supplementary health food to workers and providing potable water.

Message cards in Chinese and Khmer were introduced at joint simulation sessions, in which both Chinese and Khmer personnel took part, helping bridge a communication gaps between these two groups.


What We Achieved

By an integral approach, GreenGrade was able to isolate the causes that had been mostly overlooked by an earlier investigation run by a Hong Kong-based consulting firm.  By analysing and processing our findings, 53% of Chinese supervisors and 333 line leaders were trained on managing the causes of fainting, with an average 95% exam pass rate. As a result, no fainting issues were reported in this factory during the Summer of 2013 following our training.

*= name changed to protect their identity.