GreenGrade helps factory to re-establish ethical credentials and get more orders

Client's Challenge

Following the recent disasters in Bangladesh, many retailers have tightened up their inspections. As part of GreenGrade's collaboration with a major UK apparel retailer, a recently de-listed factory approached GreenGrade for assistance. The factory, Swift Magic*, faced an imminent loss of business that would have seen its revenues shrink by 15% with catastrophic consequences on its reputation and workforce.

What We Did

The factory had many health & safety, fire and worker wellbeing issues which needed to be corrected immediately. Having carried out a remediation strategy to improve surface-level compliance, GreenGrade recognized the need to implement change in the culture of the factory. In order to ensure lasting impact of these improvements, GreenGrade's 'Active Absorption' approach was implemented to improve the knowledge and mindset whereby supervisors were trained to embrace a whole set of values which were applied on a daily basis. Through GreenGrade's regular, active guidance, we monitored the factory's ethical performance progress, while compiling weekly reports for the retailer.

What Was Achieved

At the completion of the remediation project, the retailer conducted a follow-up visit at Swift Magic. Based on observable positive change in the status of ethical compliance, the factory was re-graded to an acceptable level, which meant they were then approved to supply product for the retailer. Of the supervisors who attended the training and subsequently faced the exam, 80.8% achieved more than a pass mark.

To assist the factory in its journey forward in improving ethical performance, Swift Magic retained GreenGrade services in a consultative capacity. GreenGrade will continue to monitor the effect of supervisory training on factory floor ethical compliance, during future visits to the facility.

*= name changed to protect their identity.