Different methodologies involving technology are used to enhance teaching and learning in nursing and healthcare resources

Identifying ways to facilitate learner engagement and evaluate the learner’s understanding of the information presented continues to be a challenge especially in the hospital setting. Hospital nurses have busy work schedules, making it difficult to find the time to attend educational sessions such as in-services, another huge plus point is the hygiene uses of these keypads – it is easy to wipe them clean and sterilising them for safe multi usage by the audience.

Time spent in meetings, trainings or corporate events often goes to waste considering how little is extracted from the target audience. Our audience response systems encourage real-time feedback and improve the retention of information.


Use of ART

Audience Response Technology allows the instructors and content managers to collect and analyse responses to questions and presentations in real time. The technology allows for a rapid gathering and analysis of audience responses in all environments through small wireless keypad devices.

Our audience response solutions provide immediate feedback and can measure understanding in real-time. Audience Response Technology can be used to ensure that participants understand basic concepts.

The process is simple....

... and highly effective

(Source: Turning Technologies' Research Statements)