GreenGrade offers a compelling solution for the ethical trading requirements of suppliers who source from 5 to 50 factories. 

We manage direct factory communications for and on behalf of suppliers, and use advanced tools for real-time visibility and guidance. GreenGrade help these factories to understand and meet the ETI base code, while ensuring their continuous conformance with the requirements of leading retailers and brands. Suppliers and full service vendors who source from Bangladesh, Cambodia and the UK can also benefit from a proactive on-site surveillance for added vigilance and compliance enforcement.


What we do:

  • Establish compliance monitoring function and streamlining the compliance administration process.
  • Harmonise audit anniversaries to reduce audit duplication
  • Track and verify completion of corrective action plans (CAPs)
  • Challenge unfair, inaccurate or mistaken audit findings
  • Work together with audit companies and factories to find solutions for non-compliances
  • Assist suppliers in capacity and forward planning by identifying high risk factories
  • How we do it
  • Dedicated account manager handling your Ethical Compliance services
  • Upskilling and training existing in-house compliance staff
  • Systematic and persistent factory facing communications
  • Daily interaction with technical and QA teams