Specialising in learning and ethical compliance solutions, Green Grade helps businesses understand and adhere to local legislation, international standards and to the Code of Conduct requirements.

Green Grade’s mission statement is to create competent and resilient learning environments. We aim to achieve this by developing and delivering scalable solutions that can be rolled out anywhere in the world, irrespective of educational skills or infrastructural barriers. 

To date, Green Grade has developed two primary products, UpSkill and UpScale. Both products have been tested on thousands of end-users, and apply advanced technology and computing methods. The UpSkill platform, which has been in development since 2013, is an e-learning system consisting of online and offline modes, and offers self-pace learning and assessment for individuals. UpScale complements UpSkill by offering a classroom based adaptive learning experience, showing participants audio-visual/ multimedia content and verifying their understanding through response technology clickers.

GreenGrade's consulting services can be broken down into three areas of focus which can be implemented independently or sequentially.

Firstly we identify and assess factories' ethical risks through investigative techniques, GAP analysis and by undertaking a thorough document and management systems review. Upon diagnosis, GreenGrade implements a tailored remediation strategy whereby we advise and manage remediation in accordance with specific non-compliances. Finally, GreenGrade implements training programs for factory staff and workers focusing on topics that are most relevant to the factory we work with.