Following the assessment, GreenGrade’s Ethical Compliance Specialists develop a tailored remediation plan, working directly with factories whereby both non-compliances and management systems are improved upon.

Whilst ultimately it is the factories that must take responsibility for their own improvement, GreenGrade plays a vital role in providing structure and supporting the improvement process from beginning to end. We bring existing and new factories up to the ETI and SA8000 standards, and enhance their performance on a continuous basis. GreenGrade reduces compliance preparations and ensures a quick Corrective Action Plan (CAP) turnaround and improved audit results.



Examples of what we do:

  • Establish compliance/conformance monitoring function and streamline ethical management process
  • Harmonise audit anniversaries to reduce audit duplication
  • Track and verify completion of Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
  • Challenge unfair, inaccurate or mistaken audit findings
  • Work together with audit companies and factories to find solutions for non-conformances
  • Assist suppliers in capacity and forward planning by identifying high risk factories