Our latest updates and activities in brief

January 19, 2017

GreenGrade's staff awarded training facilitator certificate by the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

Green Grade's ethical compliance specialist, Rezaul Hoque, was awarded an attendance certificate upon the successful completion of a train the trainer facilitation course at the offices of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety in Dhaka. The syllabus has covered methods for informing workers of essential life saving procedures in the areas of structural, electrical and fire safety.  The Alliance is an umbrella organisation that was founded in 2013 by 29 major North American apparel brands and retailers with the intent of improving safety in Bangladeshi ready-made garment (RMG) factories. Its members include Walmart, JC Penney, Target, Gap, Kohl's, Costco, and VF Corporation.

November 1, 2016

Green Grade completed a second programme for UK's Department for International Development (DfID)

Following a second R&D grant award by the UK government's Department for International Development, Green Grade Solutions launched UpScale, an automated content delivery platform that successfully trained illiterate and semi-skilled workers.

With a teaching output of 500 participants per session, Green Grade managed to train about 5000 people with a verified participation rate of 96% and a 121% knowledge retention score after 6 months (as verified by the Learning and Performance Institute, here.)

October 1, 2015

Green Grade achieved Learning Technologies Accreditation for 2015/2016

Green Grade Solutions was awarded in September 2015 the industry standard Learning Technologies Accreditation by the UK's Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) in recognition of its high quality solutions. See full story on our blog.

September 10-11, 2015

In support of Bangladesh investment efforts

Green Grade's team attended the 2015 Bangladesh investment road show in London's Canary Wharf. More than 70 officials presented new investment opportunities in the areas of energy, telecommunications, information technology and public infrastructure. The Governor of the Central Bank of Bangladesh, Dr Atiur Rahman, described the gradual steps towards openning the economy to foreign investment and trade. During the event, Green Grade's managing director Sharon Sadeh was interviewed by Bangla TV station on the prospects of foreign investment in Bangladesh.  In the picture: GreenGrade's Sharon Sadeh, with the Bangladesh High Commissioner to the UK, H.E. Mr Md Abdul Hannan.

February 3, 2015

GreenGrade UpSkill: Raising Ethical Compliance Knowledge through E-learning – It’s Free

Our Foundation course covers the ILO and ETI base code and is designed to raise the Ethical Compliance awareness of managers at factories.

It’s simple to use, interactive, offers bite size learning and is offered FREE.

Ethical compliance is fundamental towards securing orders for business to prosper and further serves to provide a strong basis for better, safer and more productive work environments.

Simply visit our UpSkill website and request for a Free Access Code to access the course.

To see how you could benefit from UpSkill, CLICK HERE.

November 25, 2014

UpSkill officially launched in the UK

Coinciding with the second anniversary of the Tazreen Factory fire, GreenGrade launched UpSkill as an innovative initiative to support the Bangladeshi garment industry. The launch event of UpSkill was held at the Houses of Parliament

To read the full story click here.

November 18, 2014

UpSkill launched in Dhaka

UpSkill pilot concludes that the e-learning platform increases awareness levels of social compliance among garment factory managers.

Click here to read about how the launch event went.

September 19, 2014

GreenGrade is LPI Accredited

We have been awarded the status of Accredited Learning Provider for our high quality and efficiency in the provision of learning and development services to our clients. Accreditation with the Learning and Performance Institute represents an assurance from us to raise standards of workplace learning to our clients.

LPI, is a leading membership body for learning professionals and a portal for buyers of quality learning services and suppliers. Read More

August 26, 2014

UpSkill: Thanks for all your support

Click to read more on our successful pilot launch. 

Thanks to all our pilot participants, suppliers, retailers and Maria Low from DFID, Bangladesh for attending and supporting GreenGrade. 

August 19, 2014

PRESS RELEASE - UpSkill Pilot Launch on 19th of August 2014, Dhaka, Bangladesh

UpSkill is launched – a cutting edge technology that transforms work safety and ethics in Bangladesh with an e-Learning Mobile App

(Dhaka, Bangladesh) a ground breaking learning platform, Upskill by GreenGrade Solutions was awarded UK aid funding in January 2014. It has started a pilot rollout today in Bangladesh of the UpSkill platform.

UpSkill will enhance the safety and compliance knowledge among senior factory management across hundreds of factories.  Dr Sharon Sadeh, Managing Director of GreenGrade said: ‘We firmly believe in the transformational power of technology as a force for good. The right tools at the right time could leapfrog the human capital in emerging economies, enriching people and providing them with essential, and possibly even life-saving skills and know-how. UpSkill is a testament to that. We have developed a cutting edge technology which conveys a whole new level of captivating learning directly to the factory, bridging the digital divide to an extent not seen in Bangladesh before”.

UpSkill is endorsed by major UK retailers and was awarded UK aid funding by the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID). DFID Country Representative for Bangladesh Sarah Cooke said: “There are world class garment factories in Bangladesh, but we need to bring all factories up to this standard. Supporting UpSkill is part of our efforts to help improve safety and working conditions in the industry. The beauty of this project is how it uses tablets and other readily available technology to reach those who need the training and present them neatly with important information about labour and safety standards, and how to apply these in their factories.”
GreenGrade is collaborating with a number of leading UK retailers to roll-out this project across their Bangladeshi factory base, and with the Stockholm Environment Institute (University of York centre) for independent data analysis that guarantees the successful implementation and future developments of UpSkill.

Note to Editors:

For further information on UpSkill, please contact the Project Manager, Maher Anjum on: maher.anjum@greengrade.co.uk. Mobile: +447932944506.

For information on GreenGrade, please contact the Managing Director, Dr Sharon Sadeh on: sharon.sadeh@greengrade.co.uk. Mobile: +447976757976.

About UpSkill

Following the 2013 factory disaster in Bangladesh and under pressure from media and regulators, global brands and retailers have accepted a “new value equation” with much importance credited to ethical product sourcing and increased supplier transparency. GreenGrade has developed sophisticated software that helps achieving this – a remote learning and certification app called UpSkill that sharply cuts training and oversight costs. The app administers exams off-line while not connected to any network, utilising different techniques to identify the user and to safeguard the integrity of the exam process.

UpSkill’s innovation lies within the engaging, adaptive and immersive nature of its design and content, and its ability to measure the actual understanding of the participants in real-time. It will equip staff with the relevant know-how that is essential towards fostering a safer working environment and well-informed workforce. Specifically, it will verify and demonstrate that the trainees, who require no prior knowledge, can recognise and respond to hazards that can occur within the factory’s surroundings – thus providing them with essential life-saving knowledge.

About GreenGrade

Specialising in ethical compliance solutions, GreenGrade works with international buyers and helps factories to understand and adhere to local legislation, international standards and to the ethical requirements of major brands and retailers.  GreenGrade’s clear cut objective is to reduce the dangers associated with ethical and safety non-compliance. GreenGrade has offices in London, Bangladesh and is soon to open in other locations.



The UK government is providing £1.8m million for the Trade and Global Value Chains Initiative for partnerships between buyers, factory owners, and civil society to improve working conditions in Bangladesh.  The Initiative is managed by Cardno Emerging Markets (UK) Ltd. It builds on the Responsible and Accountable Garment Sector Challenge Fund which has been supporting projects to improve conditions of vulnerable garment workers.

About SEI, University of York

The Stockholm Environment Institute is an independent, international research organisation committed to the implementation of practices supportive of global sustainable development since more than 20 years, addressing environmental and development issues at different policy levels. Among the eight offices spreading across the world, the York centre located at the University of York (UK) has been directly involved in the UpSkill project.

August 6, 2014

UpSkill on E-Learning Awards

We are anxiously waiting to see the shortlist due on the 8th of September. Look out for this space : http://www.elearningage.co.uk/longlist.aspx

March 28, 2014

In discussion with the Minister of State

It was an informative meeting with the Minister of State, Alan Duncan and the fellow TGVCI grantees on our work to improve conditions in Bangladesh factories.

March 3, 2014

UpSkill selected for funding by the British Goverment

We are excited to announce that GreenGrade’s UpSkill, our new e-learning programme, has been selected for funding by the British government’s Department for International Development (DFID). UpSkill has received a grant approval from the Trade in Global Value Chains Initiative (TGVCI), which supports innovative solutions in the Bangladeshi garment sector. TGVCI is run by DFID’s Programme Management Unit and managed by Cardno Emerging Markets (UK) Ltd. Using the latest technologies, we will be delivering e-learning course on ethical and safety compliance directly to the factory, to an extent not seen before in the country.

UpSkill will be the first programme to offer industry grade certificates. It will be rolled out in Bangladesh from July 2014 with the support of some of Britain’s biggest retailers. It will reach thousands of users in hundreds of factories thanks to its scalable, immersive and customisable design. Its application could help drive improvements at factory level with regards to health and safety, best working practice and much more. UpSkill presents an ideal opportunity to champion a cost effective improvement programme to the direct benefit of workers and managers.